Feb 06

Doping in sports essay sample

Doping in sports is a serious issue not only because it can put the athlete’s career at risk. It has some very negative consequences for health. Besides, doping is equal to cheating which contradicts the actual spirit of any kind of sport.

Apart from that, one should take into account that a professional athlete serves as a role model for younger generations. As a result, they tend to copy everything athletes do. What it means is that youngsters might consider doping to be something quite natural. It puts the whole future of sports at risk as well as helps to gain bad reputation. Sometimes it is not that simple to catch an athlete on doping due to the fact that they use very sophisticated ways these days. However, the truth comes out in the end and the results are very unsatisfactory. Perhaps, what every athlete should remember is that it is not all about winning in sports. It is more about taking part as well as proving yourself that you can do it. Feel free to familiarize yourself with more information about doping at … ordercustompaper.com