University of Miami application essay

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University of Maryland application essay

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The article is about welfare economists whose main focus is in failure of markets and not how they have worked. The article notes that markets are mess affairs which are characterized by greed and exploitation. This article is related to the McDonalds article at the website. Despite McDonalds numerous stores in United States of America and the profits these stores make, the employees are underpaid. They also face poor working conditions, for example, Johnson, an employee at McDonalds, uses a tissue to pick dirt on the floor of washroom, which means he lacks gloves to aid in cleaning washrooms.
Employees at McDonalds are exploited and denied right to expression and union. In case an employee tries to unite others in order to protest against the unfair wages is fired. Also those who take part in strikes due to poor wages and poor working conditions are fired too. They are even afraid of speaking about their issues to anyone. These are some of the failures in the markets the economist is raising.
There are pro’s associated with the argument made by the economists. They are generally voicing the needs of the needs of oppressed employees. These economists view is to address the pay gap which exists between executives and employees.

There is a need to create markets characterized by fair pay, suitable working conditions, rights of expression are granted and employee exploitation is eradicated.
The main con or disadvantage of the argument is that, the economists didn’t address the root cause of these problems; lack or ineffectiveness of government policies. The main failure is lack of government policies which protect the rights of employees and consumers. In addition, governments are supposed to maintain contract and property rights. Somehow, one can think same governments are part of this oppression because they don usually act though they might be aware. This is to mean that, effective corrective measures begin with the government and economists have failed to address it.

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Employment Law

1. What is the relevant employment legislation which applies to this case?
Pension age is when a worker opts to live and retire. Most companies do not set the age of retirement for their workers. If a worker pots to perform longer they cannot be discriminated against that. However, some companies can set an age of retirement if they can clearly rationalize it. It is the worker’s liability to talk about when and how to live and retire with their company. This could consist of phasing retirement by operating flexibly (Manfredi and Vickers, 2012, p. 22).
Members of work-related old age techniques need to talk about with their age plan supervisors what effect a modification in income or working hours might have on the old age, whether the plan facilitates phased retirement and operating beyond the scheme’s regular age. Employers may or may not be able to believe the fact demands. If a worker is disappointed with their employer’s decision, they can present this to a career tribunal (Arthurs, 2001, p.61).
Some individuals take initial retirement to be able to become self-employed or to take up another job. Many individuals ejected over the “normal” retirement age widely opt to do this. There are some careers that have legal higher age boundaries but, generally there is no concept which stops individuals over the age of 65 from being in employment or self-employed. Many self-employed individuals continue to be productive past the “normal” age of retirement. If one is getting a social well-being benefit such as Condition Pension, employment may affect one’s right (Berkowitz, 2006, p. 58). If one is a lasting and pensionable community slave, one’s old age may be abated if one goes back to perform in the community industry. It is usually not possible to further give rise to a work-related old age plan after the regular age of retirement (Manfredi and Vickers, 2012, p. 22).
If one is to get a work-related pension, then one may also perform or be self-employed, and if one is getting a private section pension, operating or being self-employed does not usually reflect in such a case. However, most community industry old age techniques are topic to what is known as abatement if one is to come back and perform in the public industry. The circumstances may differ from one plan to another but, in common; abatement indicates that the old age is decreased to make sure that one does not generate more between the limited age and the pension from one’s profession if one was to stay in the public job. If one is to get a community service fee and simultaneously work in the private industry, one’s old age does not count (Macleod, 2010, p. 1604).
One should be predominantly ejected from operating if one is getting some Pension (Transition) and aged between 65 and 66. One of the circumstances for getting a Condition Pension (Transition) is that one must have reached the retirement age. In this perspective, being aged indicates that one must not be an insurable career or self-employment after such an age. That indicates that, if one has income, they ought to be less than 100 dollars per week from a profession or 5,000 dollars a year from self-employment. If one has an income from benefits or investment strategies, one could be responsible for entrepreneurial PRSI, but that is likely not debar one from a Condition Pension (Transition) if one is not actually involved in self-employment (Stone, 2009, p.149).
2. What is the likelihood of success of any claim by Albert of age discrimination and constructive dismissal?
As we age, tripping becomes an extremely typical purpose for a major accident. Just ask any of the number of mature men and ladies who fall each season and crack a part of the body. Falls can come due to other changes in the body: Vision, listening to, muscular durability, synchronization, and responses are not what they once were as one ages. Stability can be impacted by diabetic issues and cardiovascular illness, or by issues with the movement or neurological program. Some drugs can cause wooziness. Any of these things can lower one’s performance quite easily. The more one manages the overall health and well-being, the more likely one’s performance will be at the top. Ask your physician about a unique test called a cuboid nutrient solidity test that informs how powerful your cuboid fragments are. If need be, one’s physician can recommend new medicines that will help build one’s cuboid fragments more powerful.
Many consider the 30s the happy-medium age of working to one’s extreme limit in employment. One is more apt to be protected in your profession and in your connection, which offers a company base for one’s increasing job opportunities. Hopefully, one and associates have also had the opportunity to have some activities together before one begins to meet parental duties that crop up at around age 40, the biggest experience of all. This is the positive information. The ill information is there is a remarkable distinction between one’s capabilities to expect in one’s early age compared to one’s retirement age. As the years advance, workers stamina experienced a free drop (Kumra, Manfredi, and Vickers, 2012, p. 242).
Working at any age comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Based on an examination carried with health professionals, economical professionals, connection professionals, and a number of old-aged employees to offer a genuine look of what it is like to have a job in one’s old-age. Age is not always a benefit when one is seeking for a job, especially in an aggressive job industry. Choosing guidance supervisors can boost employees in seeking the services of such setbacks, as having obsolete encounter, or as not being present with developments and locations (Hepple, 2005, p. 59).
One way to get over the understanding that one’s age is a problem is to assume one’s age with reference to the working grounds and modify one’s curriculum.

Restricting what one has tacked in the job background with reference to ejecting such dates, can help people looking for work prevent the judgment of being regarded to as” too old” by any potential company.
3. What is your assessment about the way Ann and Chris handled this case? Are there any lessons to be learned?
Mature workers can still be pressured out of their tasks at 65 even though the essential age of retirement does not exist in most labor law driven economies today. A milestone judgment by a Superior Judge in the United States said that companies may or may not tell their teams the age they must leave their positions (Barnard, and Deakin, and Morri, 2004, p. 93). This is only functions on provision of explanations for doing so. In recent research, most judges ignored an attraction by an expert named “Barbara Seldon” who was prompted of working and but retire by a law company just after his 65th centennial (Block, Berg, and Roberts, 2003, p. 201).
Lawful factors that govern necessary retirement age could be, for example, starting the way for younger workers to become partners; preparing the long run of the business by organizing and preparing enough time to create possible vacancies, and reducing the need to bag associates who become too old to perform efficiently. A legal court said that companies should aim at providing particular concern to whether a ‘public interest’ was provided when informing anyone to stay at work or retire (Hardy and Upex, 2006, p. 117).
As the Legal retirement living age has been eliminated it now drops on the Company to set an organization retirement stage. Subsequently, it could be as early as 40 for tasking job such as that of a contractor although the Condition Pension would not be compensated until 68. It is likely that after the retirement one or rather ‘Company Retirement’ one will have to go on the dole until one either finds another job or achieves state retirement living age. This is going to cause many issues for older workers. Based on one’s lifestyle, it can be assumed that, if the organization can think up reasonable in establishing and beginning retirement living age they would be fine if one is in control. One might be anxious when one looks at just how much individual outlays one is subjected to reducing over the next several years. Nonetheless, it does not have to be a catastrophe if one starts preparing now. Recognize which prospective retired persons have the information and specific abilities that one’s organization cannot stay without (Walsh, 2013, p. 112).
It would be wrong to of concentrating on only one’s most senior-level professionals. For example, the workplace administrator who creates journey bookings, purchases workplace resources online, and employs organization automobiles probably knows the best providers and which discussing techniques work best for each staff member. These abilities are often neglected, but they may preserve the organization’s significant amounts of money each season. Training all of this to a new employee would be time-consuming and expensive (Ernest, 2011, p. 84).

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Application of a Quantitative Management Technique

Problem Definition
Consider this scenario: You have just assumed managerial responsibilities at a newfangled hospital whereby you are in charge of advancing patient care programs, as well as organizational efficiency within the general outpatient health centers. You are accustomed to your department’s general goals for change along with the theoretical strategies for advancing operations; however, you intend to optimize the modifications for all involved factions. During initial meetings, there was skepticism from department and hospital staff regarding the possibilities of the projected changes providing better services to not only themselves, but also the hospital’s.
In this scenario, immediate action like announcing a modern clinical or quality assessment program is capable of directly tackling the challenges you encounter. Nonetheless, additional information will aid you in effectively dealing with your professional duties. You might need to learn the systems that are already functioning acceptably in the clinics, or have a better understanding of the services valued within the local community. Additionally, you might find it necessary to learn on employees’ views of their mission and service in order to come up with strategies that are capable of motivating them for adjustment. The information that will aid you in meeting these goals will come mainly from for instance the people engaged in your inquiries and plans, your patients, as well as coworkers. This information can be gathered from either talking to individuals informally, or applying qualitative research techniques, especially in new scenarios and environments. This essay examines how and why clinicians who are very busy might apply qualitative techniques in answering questions, while at the same time solving problems such as those in the above situation.
Qualitative Techniques for Managerial Change
Qualitative research signifies a type of inquiry, which evaluates the information conveyed via language and behavior within natural situations (Lincoln & Guba, 1985). It is applied in capturing expressive information not communicated in quantitative data concerning motivations, beliefs, feelings and values that trigger deeds. Qualitative methods emerge from a multiplicity of traditions and disciplines (Crabtree & Miller, 1992). They are applied in learning straight from patients and individuals what is significant to them, providing the context vital for comprehending quantitative findings, as well as identify variables necessary for impending clinical studies. While qualitative inquiry has been advocated as a means of reaching the elements that other methods are incapable of reaching, it is also doubted by some since it rarely presents a generalizable basis for clinical resolutions and policies (Jones, 1995).
Certain qualitative approaches apply technical methods (e.g. Statistical content analysis) in ascertaining the importance of findings, whereas others depend on researchers thoughtful considerations. Ethnography signifies a type of inquiry, which merges these approaches, and this essay applies techniques from this practice in demonstrating our line of reasoning. Ethnography signifies a semi-structured means of learning about people, as well as their culture (Ventres & Frankel, 1996). Having certain questions in their minds, ethnographic researchers engross themselves in a situation to discover the significances, conventions of behavior, along with ways of thinking vital to individuals of a faction as they appear in impromptu encounters. The essential task of ethnographers is to examine study subjects within their natural situations. This can be done as silent setting observers or as partaker-observers who tend to ask questions as they escort study subjects during their activities. Whatever the case, data is collected in not only unstructured, but also structured methods. They can jot impulsive field notes, which feature what they observe and hear, or arrange their observations in rating scales, groups and checklists that they carry to the situation. Apart from observing, ethnographers question subjects with the intention of learning from well-positioned persons who are capable of providing important information (also known as “key informant” interviews); comprehending experiences particularly necessary in shaping the views and decisions (also known as “critical incident” reports); or generating original information from factions of subjects within focus groups. A researcher can audiotape or videotape these interactions; this is very important since it ensures that expressive data is captured correctly and entirely as they transpire. Taping also allows the researcher to bring the information to more controlled situations, where it is possible to transcribe, code, and analyze it for significant subjects and meanings, and validate using trained evaluators, assisted by computer software if suitable (Crabtree & Miller, 1992).
Employing more than one assessor helps guarantee the consistency of ethnographic data, similar to a detailed description of how the analysis of the study is done. Researchers tend to be reasonably certain of the authenticity of their findings through the collection of data from sources that are independent, presentation of initial findings to examine participants for their opinion, and fully examining uncommon or remote information. These approaches are expected to turn into an increasingly consistent as consensus emerges on the necessity for greater methodological rigidity in qualitative research (Morgan, 1997).

These approaches are suitable for practical environments in which a fuller comprehension of behavior, the significances and contexts of occurrences, and the effect of values on choices could be helpful for physicians.
Importance of these Techniques
According to Lincoln and Guba (1985), qualitative observations, as well as interviews, are capable of providing priceless information; for instance, who within the medical records department is capable of improving the record retrieval rate, or what types of outreach programs are capable of attracting new patients. However, at a deeper level, qualitative experiences are also essential in understanding a system’s structure i.e. how interdependent persons, factions and institutional constituents function (or are unsuccessful in functioning) together. This is vital since as in any other complex system, in a hospital, change in one dimension certainly affects others. Arrangements to provide evening clinic hours, for instance, might necessitate full reflection of clerical, as well as nursing union rules, conditions, benefits, security staffing, pharmacy accessibility, and other facets of functions. Will compensatory time conditions for clerical staff working overtime give rise to staff shortages in normal weekday working hours? Is the hospital security staff capable of ensuring safety after hours to an inaccessible and otherwise desolate clinic region? Will the pharmacy contain enough personnel to fill up outpatient prescriptions besides inpatient arrays? And while the elevated patient base along with the third-party payments produced by a general medicine evening clinic cover up the total extra costs to these and other constituents of the system? Each of these groups’ members is capable of staking in modification, which at first glimpse may be obviously helpful to patients and applicable only to staff at a local level.
Qualitative research techniques are necessary for uncovering the level of these interdependencies, as well as the values that members in the system put not only on them, but also on the status quo. They offer instruments for the visitor or outsider to an intricate social system to exemplify its important constituents while anticipating and coordinating the outcomes of change all through it. Although commonly employed quantitative research methods offer information concerning universal situations, properly used qualitative techniques to produce broad structured knowledge concerning these types of situations, processes, foundations of meanings, values, along with interactions distinctive in one place, as well as one system at a specified time. Considering that every existing institution happens to be concurrently a bureaucracy, business, communal system, and network of vested interests, modifications that make a considerable effect on such institutions can only be fully comprehended, retrospectively or prospectively, through an amalgamation of not only quantitative, but also qualitative approaches (Morgan, 1997).

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Examples of Persuasive Papers on Unnecessary Cesareans

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A cesarean section is a surgery that is always associated with risks and expectant women usually take this matter too lightly, when choosing to undergo one, when giving birth. Numerous factors are to blame for the recent rise in the number of cesarean sections taking place today, with money being a factor just like everything else in the economy of today’s world. Another factor that can also be to blame is possibly trendiness, by would-be mothers wishing to give birth the easy way. It is interesting to note that in a nation like the United States and at an age when there is advanced medical knowledge and procedures, some expectant mothers are opting to undergo an invasive surgery instead of giving birth the natural way. Since 1996, C-sections have more than doubled, with recent statistics showing that one in every 3 new born children are delivered through the surgery.

The other factor that can be blamed for the rise in cesarean sections is the rise in inductions, with numerous pregnant women scheduling the births of their children. However, induction does not necessarily mean that the child is ready to be born, and performing an early induction means that the fetus might not be ready, or even have flipped, which means a breech position. The breech position can only call for a cesarean section if the doctor cannot flip the fetus manually. Nowadays, inductions are being done too casually and doctors are not giving enough explanations to pregnant mothers on what it means, the risks they pose to both the mother and child and that they are very likely to end up on a surgeon’s table. Cesarean sections are on the rise because they are taken casually by those who perform them, when in reality, it is a major surgery that is capable of having complications and thus should be taken very seriously.

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Who Can Help Me Write an Essay

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300 word essay about veterinary

An essay about veterinary as at topic is one that requires the writer to be very specific when dealing with matters that are related to specific animal diseases ort he procedure used in treatment of any animal. A 300 word essay about veterinary should be exactly that it should not be any less and if it exceeds the number of words it should not be any considerable much. A writer must follow all the rules that the topic has laid down first starting with the number of words required. Such an essay paper should be free from grammatical errors and should use well acceptable English phrases. A veterinary topic is one that should be viewed in a biological sense in that veterinary is the study and treatment of animals. The essay should at least give a small account of the work of a veterinary doctor and what such a doctor deals with in his day to day life. In the olden days sick and unhealthy animals were put out of their misery by having them killed to stop them from suffering any further back then there were no medicines or even the thought of curing an animal since even human diseases could not be controlled.
But in this day and age human beings have found it necessary to learn the art of treating wounded and sick animal as it is cheaper to treat an animal than to buy another one. As humans became more and more attached to their pets such as dogs and cats they were afraid of loosing their companions and play mates so the need to treat sick and unhealthy animals arose.

Veterinary services are found every country today cows and other kinds of livestock are well taken care of and in an instance where there is an outbreak of disease veterinary doctors are called in immediately to cater to the problem cure it and prevent it from spreading to other healthy animals. Such essays also help different people to gain the necessary knowledge in regard to the skills needed in attending to services which require some veterinary knowledge. Another important of such essays is that an individual is able to attach lot of benefit in dealing with matters that require use of such knowledge. So when writing an essay about a veterinary topic it is important to note every single detail as every detail in the topic is equally as important. A student writing an essay on a veterinary topic should be well versed with the topic and must have researched the topic to a great extent this is to make sure that the topic of discussion is well catered for and that all the relevant materials in the essay are included.

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Attitude essay

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