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University of South Carolina application essay

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University of Maryland application essay

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May 30

Research paper topics

The world is moving into a custom era. There are many services offered to humanity but everyone wants services that suits their demands as individuals. The academic front is not left behind either. Custom essays are now a common occurrence in the academic world. Custom essays are popular due to the advantages they come with. As stated before, custom essays are written by professional writers, edited and then proofread before they are given to the students. With custom essays, mistakes are very minimal.
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Research paper topics are widely available in various online writing databases. But still students must have the background knowledge on what they want to write on before choosing from the research paper topics. The quality and relevance of the research paper that will be written, largely depends on the research paper topics chosen. However, under the bracket of custom essays, there can be situations where the writer chooses the research topic for the student. Writing of custom essays largely relies on the instructions that the student gives the writer. For this, the quality of custom essays is checked by what the client gives.

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May 14


The article is about welfare economists whose main focus is in failure of markets and not how they have worked. The article notes that markets are mess affairs which are characterized by greed and exploitation. This article is related to the McDonalds article at the website. Despite McDonalds numerous stores in United States of America and the profits these stores make, the employees are underpaid. They also face poor working conditions, for example, Johnson, an employee at McDonalds, uses a tissue to pick dirt on the floor of washroom, which means he lacks gloves to aid in cleaning washrooms.
Employees at McDonalds are exploited and denied right to expression and union. In case an employee tries to unite others in order to protest against the unfair wages is fired. Also those who take part in strikes due to poor wages and poor working conditions are fired too. They are even afraid of speaking about their issues to anyone. These are some of the failures in the markets the economist is raising.
There are pro’s associated with the argument made by the economists. They are generally voicing the needs of the needs of oppressed employees. These economists view is to address the pay gap which exists between executives and employees.

There is a need to create markets characterized by fair pay, suitable working conditions, rights of expression are granted and employee exploitation is eradicated.
The main con or disadvantage of the argument is that, the economists didn’t address the root cause of these problems; lack or ineffectiveness of government policies. The main failure is lack of government policies which protect the rights of employees and consumers. In addition, governments are supposed to maintain contract and property rights. Somehow, one can think same governments are part of this oppression because they don usually act though they might be aware. This is to mean that, effective corrective measures begin with the government and economists have failed to address it.

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Apr 19

Employment Law

1. What is the relevant employment legislation which applies to this case?
Pension age is when a worker opts to live and retire. Most companies do not set the age of retirement for their workers. If a worker pots to perform longer they cannot be discriminated against that. However, some companies can set an age of retirement if they can clearly rationalize it. It is the worker’s liability to talk about when and how to live and retire with their company. This could consist of phasing retirement by operating flexibly (Manfredi and Vickers, 2012, p. 22).
Members of work-related old age techniques need to talk about with their age plan supervisors what effect a modification in income or working hours might have on the old age, whether the plan facilitates phased retirement and operating beyond the scheme’s regular age. Employers may or may not be able to believe the fact demands. If a worker is disappointed with their employer’s decision, they can present this to a career tribunal (Arthurs, 2001, p.61).
Some individuals take initial retirement to be able to become self-employed or to take up another job. Many individuals ejected over the “normal” retirement age widely opt to do this. There are some careers that have legal higher age boundaries but, generally there is no concept which stops individuals over the age of 65 from being in employment or self-employed. Many self-employed individuals continue to be productive past the “normal” age of retirement. If one is getting a social well-being benefit such as Condition Pension, employment may affect one’s right (Berkowitz, 2006, p. 58). If one is a lasting and pensionable community slave, one’s old age may be abated if one goes back to perform in the community industry. It is usually not possible to further give rise to a work-related old age plan after the regular age of retirement (Manfredi and Vickers, 2012, p. 22).
If one is to get a work-related pension, then one may also perform or be self-employed, and if one is getting a private section pension, operating or being self-employed does not usually reflect in such a case. However, most community industry old age techniques are topic to what is known as abatement if one is to come back and perform in the public industry. The circumstances may differ from one plan to another but, in common; abatement indicates that the old age is decreased to make sure that one does not generate more between the limited age and the pension from one’s profession if one was to stay in the public job. If one is to get a community service fee and simultaneously work in the private industry, one’s old age does not count (Macleod, 2010, p. 1604).
One should be predominantly ejected from operating if one is getting some Pension (Transition) and aged between 65 and 66. One of the circumstances for getting a Condition Pension (Transition) is that one must have reached the retirement age. In this perspective, being aged indicates that one must not be an insurable career or self-employment after such an age. That indicates that, if one has income, they ought to be less than 100 dollars per week from a profession or 5,000 dollars a year from self-employment. If one has an income from benefits or investment strategies, one could be responsible for entrepreneurial PRSI, but that is likely not debar one from a Condition Pension (Transition) if one is not actually involved in self-employment (Stone, 2009, p.149).
2. What is the likelihood of success of any claim by Albert of age discrimination and constructive dismissal?
As we age, tripping becomes an extremely typical purpose for a major accident. Just ask any of the number of mature men and ladies who fall each season and crack a part of the body. Falls can come due to other changes in the body: Vision, listening to, muscular durability, synchronization, and responses are not what they once were as one ages. Stability can be impacted by diabetic issues and cardiovascular illness, or by issues with the movement or neurological program. Some drugs can cause wooziness. Any of these things can lower one’s performance quite easily. The more one manages the overall health and well-being, the more likely one’s performance will be at the top. Ask your physician about a unique test called a cuboid nutrient solidity test that informs how powerful your cuboid fragments are. If need be, one’s physician can recommend new medicines that will help build one’s cuboid fragments more powerful.
Many consider the 30s the happy-medium age of working to one’s extreme limit in employment. One is more apt to be protected in your profession and in your connection, which offers a company base for one’s increasing job opportunities. Hopefully, one and associates have also had the opportunity to have some activities together before one begins to meet parental duties that crop up at around age 40, the biggest experience of all. This is the positive information. The ill information is there is a remarkable distinction between one’s capabilities to expect in one’s early age compared to one’s retirement age. As the years advance, workers stamina experienced a free drop (Kumra, Manfredi, and Vickers, 2012, p. 242).
Working at any age comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Based on an examination carried with health professionals, economical professionals, connection professionals, and a number of old-aged employees to offer a genuine look of what it is like to have a job in one’s old-age. Age is not always a benefit when one is seeking for a job, especially in an aggressive job industry. Choosing guidance supervisors can boost employees in seeking the services of such setbacks, as having obsolete encounter, or as not being present with developments and locations (Hepple, 2005, p. 59).
One way to get over the understanding that one’s age is a problem is to assume one’s age with reference to the working grounds and modify one’s curriculum.

Restricting what one has tacked in the job background with reference to ejecting such dates, can help people looking for work prevent the judgment of being regarded to as” too old” by any potential company.
3. What is your assessment about the way Ann and Chris handled this case? Are there any lessons to be learned?
Mature workers can still be pressured out of their tasks at 65 even though the essential age of retirement does not exist in most labor law driven economies today. A milestone judgment by a Superior Judge in the United States said that companies may or may not tell their teams the age they must leave their positions (Barnard, and Deakin, and Morri, 2004, p. 93). This is only functions on provision of explanations for doing so. In recent research, most judges ignored an attraction by an expert named “Barbara Seldon” who was prompted of working and but retire by a law company just after his 65th centennial (Block, Berg, and Roberts, 2003, p. 201).
Lawful factors that govern necessary retirement age could be, for example, starting the way for younger workers to become partners; preparing the long run of the business by organizing and preparing enough time to create possible vacancies, and reducing the need to bag associates who become too old to perform efficiently. A legal court said that companies should aim at providing particular concern to whether a ‘public interest’ was provided when informing anyone to stay at work or retire (Hardy and Upex, 2006, p. 117).
As the Legal retirement living age has been eliminated it now drops on the Company to set an organization retirement stage. Subsequently, it could be as early as 40 for tasking job such as that of a contractor although the Condition Pension would not be compensated until 68. It is likely that after the retirement one or rather ‘Company Retirement’ one will have to go on the dole until one either finds another job or achieves state retirement living age. This is going to cause many issues for older workers. Based on one’s lifestyle, it can be assumed that, if the organization can think up reasonable in establishing and beginning retirement living age they would be fine if one is in control. One might be anxious when one looks at just how much individual outlays one is subjected to reducing over the next several years. Nonetheless, it does not have to be a catastrophe if one starts preparing now. Recognize which prospective retired persons have the information and specific abilities that one’s organization cannot stay without (Walsh, 2013, p. 112).
It would be wrong to of concentrating on only one’s most senior-level professionals. For example, the workplace administrator who creates journey bookings, purchases workplace resources online, and employs organization automobiles probably knows the best providers and which discussing techniques work best for each staff member. These abilities are often neglected, but they may preserve the organization’s significant amounts of money each season. Training all of this to a new employee would be time-consuming and expensive (Ernest, 2011, p. 84).

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Apr 03

Argumentative research paper topics

When your lecturer gives you those argumentative research paper topics as assignments, the lecture is expecting you to do more than just to take a stand on an issue and argue it out. The lecturer also expects you to write an essay that would convince even a skeptic to agree with the contents of the paper. the writing experts here are well aware of this expectation and that is why when you give them your assignment, they do all they can to convince even those on the opposite side of the essay’s argument to concur and possibly support the perspective adopted by the writer. The writers will go beyond just presenting evidence and facts in your essay by telling the targeted audience how it will be beneficial to them to support the position taken by the writer.

In order to this, the writers have to put themselves in the shoes of the reader because it is only so that one can be able to find out about the stand of the opposing views and therefore know what it is that makes them reason as they do. Once the writers are armed with this information, they now research and seek ways of watering down the other side of the argument while pouring support for the selected line of argument. The experts also have to construct arguments that will be appealing to supporters of the arguments and even more important to those that oppose this view. When one keeps the audience in mind, one is more likely to generate points and arguments that attract the audience and draw them into agreeing with essay.

The range of papers that we write comprises essays, research papers, book and film reviews, term papers, thesis statements, dissertations, cover letters, resumes and a lot of other types. Order any paper you need at OrderCustomPaper.

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